We co-create companies with amazing Founders aiming to be profitable and valued in the $10 to 50mm range.


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If you prefer 80% chances of a $10 million exit than a 2% of being a unicorn, you are one of us.



We co-create companies that have a defined and niche Product Market Fit. We build what people need now, not what they may need later.

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Founders + Whetery

We'll co-create, ideate and validate a new company together.- We’ll provide funding and additional help with legal, accounting, financial, design and advisor network support.



The rising tide of no-code/low-code, non-dilution based funding such as PO, eComm and Saas factoring/lending and community led growth initiatives has given the ability to quickly create, iterate and grow products to build very profitable digital enabled products with minimal dilution.


For many potential Founders, $1mm+ in the bank is a life changing amount of money. We are aiming to create businesses that have very high chances of reaching multiples of that in the medium term. We'll help and enable you to create a business that helps you reach this goal through ideation, validation, funding, services (finance, accounting, design, technology) and a contact network.