We build and run our own websites and mobile apps to optimize the heck out of them.

So that's what we do, we create a lean, mean converting machine out of a digital property.

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We love to optimize everything. We grease and squeeze all the possible variables and A/B test for positive results.



We develop simple and beautiful mobile applications that adds rich content to user’s life that through optimized flows creates deep engagement.



We create strong rich monetization strategies to create positive ROIs.


We Run Strong - User Acquisition, Engagement and Monetization

We are a group of experienced individuals that cover 3 main areas: User Acquisition, Engagement and Monetization. We have massive experience in organic and paid user acquisition to obtain users that love and stay in our sites and apps. Our properties currently have over 10 million unique monthly users.

Our engagement folks specialize in creating amazing user experiences that users simply love and come back to everyday. Stickyness is the name of game and we excel at it. All of our properties obtain substantial revenue to hit all of our KPIs allowing us to have a very healthy and continuing business.